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My Background

Jane believes in the importance of beauty that originates from within...  After spending two decades in the fashion industry, Jane has finally transitioned to put that belief in to practice, opening her new practice specializing in cosmetic facial acupuncture. Located at 118 West 72nd Street in the upper west side NY, her practice explores both internal and external causes.  

 “Cosmetic facial acupuncture is not just about diminishing wrinkle lines. Our face is an external manifestation of how we are internally.  Are you easily irritated, are you bloated, are you sleeping enough?  Any symptoms you show are our body’s way of telling you that something is imbalanced.   And this imbalance will ultimately show on your face.  By treating the imbalance will naturally result in healthier skin and give you that ‘where did you get that’ kind of glow. All anti-aging treatments out on the market target to do two main things; to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and to promote more collagen production.  Cosmetic facial acupuncture targets both without any side effects and with added health benefits”   

“I’m not anti-aging.  Aging is a part of nature. I work towards promoting the best version of ourselves. We can’t fight nature but we can find harmony.”

Jane learned about acupuncture at a young age.   

“I was always that kid who caught a cold when no one else did.  I was always sensitive to every little change; seasonal change, temperature change, hormonal change. And I would always get sick, from catching a common cold to migraines. My mom spent a lot of time taking me to herbalists and acupuncturists when I was a child. “

This experience would pave the way to a new learning path. 

Jane is a student of life and believes in the continuous quest to learn. She graduated with a bachelor's in psychology from NYU. While working full time, completed her master's in acupuncture from Pacific College of Health and Science. Her goal is to provide a natural means, utilizing acupuncture and all-natural remedies to help your body and skin be the best version of themselves.

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