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Herbal Peel

PEEL represents the careful cleansing and removal of dead skin cells, which have formed on the skin‘s surface. Removing upper horny cells allows ingredients to more easily and deeply penetrate into the skin. New cell and collagen formation is stimulated, and moisture retention is fostered.

Herbal peel is a successfully proven, natural peeling method for skin regeneration based on a mixture of pure herbs. Its natural composition is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. Treatment improves blood circulation, induces skin regeneration and increases cellular turnover. It is a quick and safe method to renew and regenerate skin in 5 days.

A series of peel is suggested to target appearance of pigmentation, sun damages, lines and wrinkles and congestion.


This unique skin regeneration method utilizes only pure, natural plant ingredients and is a highly safe and successful, non-surgical procedure.The herbs are combined with specially developed products and massaged into the skin. Micro-particles from the herbs will remove the uppermost layers of the skin while active nutrients penetrate deep into the skin where their nutritive properties remain active for a longer time period. When touching the treated skin, clients feel a “needling effect”- demonstrating the herbal particles effects in the skin over a longer time period. Skin’s circulation is increased, regeneration is stimulated. A potent method based on the power of pure herbs.

In contrast to other popular peeling methods, the herbal peel is completely free of any chemical or synthetic ingredients and will not cause any stinging or adverse reaction should the herb preparation come into contact with the eyes.  There are no side effects and it doesn’t interfere with daily activities as other peeling methods do.

  • No visible downtime, however, the 'needling effect' / prickly sensation when touching the treated skin will last for 2~3 days 

  • Super gentle yet effective

  • Premium herbs - made in Germany (no chemicals)

  • 1 treatment can be done every 5 days max for oily skin. For mature dry skin, 1 treatment every 30 days

  • The herbal peel is included in one of the cosmetic facial acupuncture packages (ask me about this package)

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